• Entertainment   Entertainments

An entertainment is any activity which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in their free time. 

There are many forms to entertainment, which cater for partucular tastes, for example the films. 

There are many activities which people find entertainment, though the activities which one person may find entertaining may not be so to another person. The types of things which some people find entertaining would include the following. 

Types of entertainment


  Exhibition entertainment:                                                  

Amusement parks – Art exhibits – FairsMuseums – Theme parks – Trade shows – Wax museums  

Live entertainment:                                                            Concierto Metallica Foro Sol =) 

Busking:  Circus , Comedy , Comedy clubbing , ConcertscookingDanceDramaFireworks  

Musical theatre: Nightclubbing – Discotheques – Dancing – OperasParadesPerformance artPlaysMagic, Striptease, Lap dancesStrip clubbing 

Sports eventsSpectator sports                                                                                                                 

Theatre : Variety showVaudeville 

Mass media entertainment: 

FilmsMagazinesMusic, RecordingsNew mediaNovelsRadio, Radio programs – Television, Television programsVideo games                                                                                                                                


For us, the entertainment is a way to have fun without getting bored, and do something you like without becomin an habit. =)