Alejandro Amenabar


Filmmaker espanol. Though Alejandro Amenabar nacio on March 31, 1972 in the Chilean capital, only residio in his natal city until August of to? Or following, when his parents, two weeks before the coup d’état of Augusto Pinochet, decided to emigrate to Espa? To and they established themselves in Madrid. DOES IT BEGIN With to? Or and way of age that tape-worm on having left Chile, the knowledge of his land had to form across the references, the accent and the customs of his major ones. These and other indications of his identity, which received forms mas definitive in his later trips to Chile to present his movies, did that it was supporting his double nationality, nevertheless to feel and to declare itself espanol. And though it seems to be slightly probable that it does political cinema, in view of the style of his movies, it does not reject to roll in the future a movie on those baneful events that changed the history of his country on September 11, 1973. DOES Alejandro Amenabar BEGIN Carried away about the images, mas that for the infantile games, not? Or Amenabar was occupying his free time between videotapes. It saw dozens of times his favorite movie, 2001: an odyssey of the space (1968), of Kubrick, something that surely it links some compa? Eros of generation, though in his case existia a peculiarity: for Amenabar, the images were indissoluble of the background music. An appraisal BEGINS that I make keen him on the sonorous bands, convirtio in collector and him I orientate afterwards to the musical composition and to the conviction of which, if he was not the director of cinema, serious musician. In fact, with his Macintosh, a secuenciador multitracks, a keyboard, a mixing desk and several synthesizers it has composed the music not only of all his movies but also of Nobody knows nobody, of his friend Mateo Gil, and The language of the butterflies, of Jose; Luis Cuerda. IT BEGINS university Suspense in accomplishment BEGINS In 1990 I initiate his studies of image and sound in the Faculty of Sciences of the Information of the Complutensian, but already at the time University sentia urged for starting his first projects as producer, and this way it did it, on pain of losing not few classes. When almost him it was having to license, I leave the studies through the fault of a suspense: the subject was precisely an accomplishment. IT BEGINS For then already habia rolled his first shorts, in which not only ejercio of the director, but also as scriptwriter, protagonist, author of the sonorous band and mounting block: The head (1991), which obtained the first prize of the Association Independent Filmmakers’ Amateurs (AICA), and Himenoptero (1992), whose projection in the Festival of Elche desperto the praises of Chariots Moon and the interest of another director, Jose; Luis Cuerda, who from then ejercio of patron of the young producer. Amenabar in Mar’s filming in BEGINS Rope he was the producer of following shortly, rolled already with major technical resources and in 35 millimeters, Moon (1995), with that Amenabar I initiate a practice commonly to all his later works: the composition of the sonorous band. The movie prefiguraba his taste for the cinema of kind and also the talent like narrator that decidio to Rope to financing his first full-lenght film. DOES IT BEGIN With only twenty-three to? You, an equipment of young actors till then unknown (made exception of the protagonist, Ana Torrent), headed by afterwards famous Fele Martinez and Eduardo Noriega, and with the modest one but taken advantage of presupposed good, I realize Thesis (1996), in which also it had content with a brief paper his cinematographic “godfather”, in a perverse personage inspired by the teacher that suspendio in accomplishment. IT BEGINS This prime opera it was showing his domain of the intrigue in such a morbid and macabre topic as that of the snuff movies (filmings of not feigned murders), and in spite of his excessive footage and to algun turn rocambolesco, after his presentation out of contest in the Festival of Berlin of 1996 I initiate a slow but forceful commercial career that the convirtio in the great success of to? Or delcine espanol, with a public near to the million spectators. To it eight candidacies contributed to the prizes Goya who grants the Academy of the Arts and the Cinematographic Sciences, of that it obtained seven, between them the important mas, as that of better movie and that of the better new director. IT BEGINS Opens the eyes and others, the confirmation BEGINS It was the moment of which the tandem Amenabar-rope was putting on hands to the work for the accomplishment of the second movie, There opens the eyes (1997), a movie of budget many wide mas and major ambition, of treatment mas near to the science – fiction that to the psychological thriller, and with the surprising one say to him? Or of production. IT BEGINS (Santiago of Chile, 1972)
All these auguries met repeated in the edition XIX of the Prizes Goya, where the movie consiguio the record of fourteen statuettes it, on having gained fourteen of fifteen categories in those that it was nominated. Also it was rewarded in February, 2004 with the prize of the independent American cinema, the Spirit Awards, to the best foreign movie. But serious in February, 2005 when the movie was receiving the definitive accolade and was happening to turn into one of the movies mas rewarded of the cinema espanol, after obtaining the Best film Oscar of not English speech. DO WE FINISH Beginning Seeker alphabetical Index To recommend site To? Adir to favorites