Dragon Ball

created by Akira Toriyama ^^

The 14 February 1990, without any special advertising was the premiere of Dragon Ball in our country as a series of the montón.A days emission, Dragon Ball began to capture real addicts and their spectators were not only children, but a wider audience also composed of adolescents. Series captures the public from the outset, is due to the rapid development of the first chapters are lots of formidable characters. Each reflected a very narrated personality. The broadcast cut without offering the outcome of the martial arts tournament twenty which caused the despair of the public to such point TV3 offices were filled with letters requesting the resumption of the series. Within a few months series again start watching for brings the outcome of the martial arts tournament twenty. The popularity of Dragon began to climb like scum throughout Catalonia, becoming series child number one programming, and in 1991 we could already talk of genuine Dragonballmanía, which would extend the Balearic and much of the Valencian Community. Fans were thirsty Dragon Ball, material but just was nothing; in our country still not was marketed any merchandising series, which began to develop, throughout an alternative market illegal photocopies, fanzines and pirate t-shirts, many with images created by fans copied directly from the television screen. Also began issuing in Andalusia and Madrid in 1991. Now nobody doubted the potential of the series, and several entrepreneurs launched a career time trial to launch the first official products series. In 1992, planet-DeAgostini released on a weekly basis and in two languages (Catalan and) manga. Akira Toriyama, until then unknown author series, began to collect large role and “manga” and “ánime”, began to listen more and more.