• Scar


Meaning: none (proper name; taken as a nickname after “Taka”, or “scar”)
Species: Lion


As Mufasa’s brother, Scar was next in line for the throne until Simba’s birth, and he is obsessed with the need to possess it. Although Scar hides his plot with concern for Simba’s safety, this evil, cunning betrayer is really Simba’s and Mufasa’s enemy– a fact which the great-hearted Mufasa realizes too late.

The younger brother of King Mufasa and second son of Ahadi and Uru (as told in A Tale of Two Brothers), Scar was known as Taka until an incident in which he ran afoul of some Cape Buffalo (in a botched attempt to embarrass his brother Mufasa) and was struck on the face with one of their horns. He took the name Scar at the urging of his father to remind himself of the price of pride. However, this lesson is lost on him in later years, once Mufasa becomes king; Scar, ever the more conniving and subtle thinker of the two brothers (though by far the less concerned with the well-being and good governance of the Pride Lands), increasingly becomes convinced that the throne of Pride Rock is his by right. When Simba is born, Scar loses his position in line to inherit the throne from Mufasa; so owing to a pact he had made in his youth with the three Hyenas, he develops a plot to kill his brother and nephew and seize the kingship by force.