Walt Disney was born on 5 December 1901 and was the son of a farmer’s typical childhood. His father, Elias Disney (1859-1941), Irish ancestors, 2 had come to us from Canada and have had installed on Chicago shortly after marriage with the flora Call (1868-1938), schoolteacher in 1888. Walt was born in 1901, the fourth of five children of the matrimonio.3 in 1906 – according to some, fleeing increasing existing in Chicago-4 crime family moved to a farm in the vicinity of Marceline, Missouri. Later, Disney would say that these were the happiest years of her life. As both he and his younger sister, Ruth, were too small to help in the work of the farm, spent most of the time playing. This time date from the first contact Disney with drawing and his great fondness by trains. This idyllic period ended a few years later. In 1909, Elias Disney fell suddenly ill with typhoid, and though with the help of his older sons was unable to continue working on the farm. Sold reluctantly, and the family lived in a House leased until 1910, year in which they moved to Kansas City. For the young Disney was very hard to having to leave their rural paradise. In Kansas City, Elias began work delivering newspapers for the Kansas City Star. Walt and his brother Roy them was helping his father in the deal, hard work required to get up every day to the midnight. According to archives public school district in Kansas City, Disney began attending the Benton Grammar School in 1910, and graduated on June 8, 1911. It was not a good student: because of his work delivering newspapers, costing the concentrate and often remained asleep. It was prone to daydream and to spend time doing scribbles. Elias, left his job as a newspaper boy and became one of the owners of a company dedicated O ‘ Zell to develop carbonated beverages Company, based in Chicago. The family moved to this city, and Disney he continued his studies at Chicago’s McKinley High School. At the same time, working for his father and attended classes at the Art Institute of Chicago in the evenings. At age 15, Walt got a summer job selling newspapers and chucherías passengers from the Santa Fe railroad. Le was much more interested the train to his work, which was unsuccessful too, since often stole you goods. / / Walt Disney alongside the ambulance Red Cross driving in France. In his school years, Disney was the cartoonist of the Institute, The Village Voice newspaper. His comics were patriotic and political issue focused on the theme of World War I. In 1918, wanting to follow in the footsteps of his brother Roy, who had drafted into the Navy, left the Institute to enlist in the army. It was not accepted for being too young. Aware of the body of the Red Cross ambulances admitted boys of seventeen, Walt forged birth certificate to see was born in 1900 rather than in 1901, and had already fulfilled the seventeen. He was admitted, but never into combat. When finished his training and moved to Europe, Germany had signed the Armistice and the war had ended. He spent the rest of his time at the Red Cross as an ambulance in France, driver moving officers. Be entertained drawings filling the ambulance driving. It was also at this time when he began smoking habit accompanying him throughout his life. In 1919 requested be relieved of their military obligations and was sent back to us. Early animation determined to pursue an artistic career, moved to Kansas City. His brother Roy worked in a bank by the zone and, thanks to a friend, he got a job at Pesemen-Rubin Art Studio, where Walt