• We chose the topic of entertainment, the entertainment is an amusement with the intention of fixing the attention of a hearing or hisparticipants. What for some is an entertainment for others is a pastime everything depends on the point of view of the persons. The entertainments can be:


  • 1. Animation 
  •  2. Of the circus arts 
  •  3. Chatear 
  •  4.  dance
  •  5. Sports see
  •  6. Games see
  • 7. Humor
  • 8. Illusion
  • 9. Mass media
  • 10. Cinema
  • 11. Television
  • 12.  remove
  •  13. Music
  • 14. Theatre
  • The movies are a way of amusing itself. The movies it is a way of narrating a history, written in general by a scriptwriter and in which the prominent figures are interpreted by actors. Neither differs the sensitive material in which the movie has been printed, and if it is projected in a cinema on the big screen or is seen in a television. These are some examples of types of more common movies:
Movies of action · Movies of animation · Movies of Live · Movies of martial arts · Movies of adventures ·Movies based on true stories ·

 Buddy films ·

 Movies of sci-fi·

 Cinema catastrophe ·

Experimental Cinema ·

 Mute Cinema ·

Comical Movies ·

Sports Movies ·Documentary ·Dramatic Movies · Erotic Movies · Fantastic Movies · Gore Cinema ·

 Movies of war ·

 Historical Movies ·

Movies of intrigue ·

 Movies I peel ·

 Musical Movies ·

Movies of propaganda · Police Movies ·Pornographic Movies · Road movies ·Romantic Movies · Satirical Movies ·

Surrealistic Movies ·

 Movies of suspense

Movies of terror ·

 Thrillers ·

Tragicomic Movies ·






We come to the conclusion that the Englishman is very important it is our life, because not this one of mas to learn another language that eventually is going to do to us of great help. In the class we learned to be employed at equipment, to look for information, to respect ourselves as persons, to have tolerance like thinking about our companions.
Also we learned new vocabulary and the pronunciation of new words.