by Hernandez Jorge Rafael (:

For my wordpress it was very complicated because it did not have knowledge since a blog do, but in end, was entertained to do this work because I could learn use like this type of programs. Also I learned new words in English that are going to serve me in this matter (:

By Ana Cecilia Loeza Reyes    Ana

For my Word Press it’s a little hard, because you need to be very patient, and some times desperate me!!! >=0 haha, some times it’s very tedious too, but I had to make it xD. I learn to work in the interner, and was great!!! I like to make works on-line, but I need more time to do a really good page!! ^^

by: alejandra dauzon torres.

In this blog I learned how to translate texts, to look for the way to improve it and to look for options, I learned but vocabulary, I learned on the characters, I learned how to apply the tolerance and to work but in English.

Gloria F. Montano Báez

So that I can tell, this page very complete and my team is this striving to deliver a complete working on how films are an entertainment for many of us.